For the past week or so, we have all been patiently waiting for the thick insulation layer to dry.  We’ve lit a couple of fires to help with the process, and the chimney hole seems to be working well with the smoke mostly going out the chimney and not the door.

Today we finally decided it was time to get the final layers on.  We still had a little bit of the clay/sand mixture wrapped up inside the tarpaulin so we started with that.  Dre and Salee then went to dig up 2 more buckets of clay and when they got back the team mixed up the clay/sand and put another full layer on the oven.

Making pizza oven Laos

A few hours later, we all set about following the instructions of Gra, the Israeli mud brick builder, and massaged all the clay/sand again on the oven to close up the small cracks and prevent larger ones forming.  We got some pretty strange looks from people walking past looking at 4 people standing around the pizza oven banging their hands on it to move the clay/sand mix around!

At the end of the day, our finished product looked like this:  Pretty close to finished now!

Today's finished product