We’re now in the beginning of wet season here in Luang Namtha.  It has brought about lots of new insects, both crawling and flying into the area.  In the rainy season, thousands of dragonflies hover over the rice fields, fireflies swarm around the drains in the evenings, huge caterpillars and beetles show themselves and each year, many still unclassified insects are discovered.

Wet Season animals come out to play!The Nam Ha NPA becomes even greener than usual, with vines growing before your eyes and life in general becoming abundant.  Trekking at this time of year is still very rewarding; all of the extra life you see easily makes up for a bit of slipperiness sometimes encountered in the jungle during the rains.  The river becomes perfect for adventure kayaking, with the water levels higher we see some rapids which make for an exciting and fun day for kayakers.

NPA Jungle in Luang NamthaThe wet season is much cooler here than in other parts of South East Asia and generally it rains for an hour or so each day.  It’s very doable this far north and many people are starting to prefer this time of year for travelling because of fewer tourists and still relatively pleasant weather.  If you have any questions about visiting during wet season, email us on info@forestretreatlaos.com