Luang Namtha Food #bambooloungelaosBamboo Lounge Training Restaurant has launched a crowdfunding campaign via IndieGoGo to keep the training restaurant and community support ticking over during this years low tourist season.

Due to political unrest in Thailand, this year’s high season didn’t really happen – our trainee staff were pumped and ready to go, but as with many businesses in Thailand and Laos the tourists just didn’t come in the volume that they have in previous years.

We now ask you, our customers, to help us.

Please help us by donating $1 or more, and sharing our campaign with your networks.


  • We take local, uneducated ethnic minority people and teach them English, and  everything they need to know to work in the restaurant.
  • Our profits support Luang Namtha’s Books in Schools program; currently there is only 1 textbook per 3 students, and we are helping to improve this.
  • We actively market the province by writing to attract more tourists to the region and therefore benefit more local people.
  • We use biodegradable products such as Bamboo drinking straws, degradable plastic bags and takeaway containers.
  • We teach other local businesses how to build websites, speak English, and market their businesses.
  • Our business supports several different ethnic minority villages by way of working with Forest Retreat Laos eco tourism.
  • We are doing a good job.  We are rated #1 on Tripadvisor, #1 in  Lonely Planet, and are listed as the ‘Top Pick’ in several other travel sites such as Travelfish and Frommers, Footprint Guides and Routard.  It would be such a shame to let all of the ethnic minority people who Bamboo Lounge supports down for the sake of one bad season.

Please help us by donating $1 or more, and sharing our campaign with your networks.